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Dec 13, 2012 9:00am PST
will mount a messaging campaign against what governor rick snyder did, but many terms of infrastructure, if you look at the three states where this battle has played out, the only one where unions have been successful in beating back the legislation is in ohio where it just so happens that police and firefighters were not exempt from the legislation. they were exempt in wisconsin. they they are exempt in michigan. you lack sort of that piece of the messaging strategy, so what are you going to do specifically in michigan? do you have, you know, already phone banks going? are you guys going -- what is your strategic plan beyond just messaging to working people? >> i think it's that we have to organize at a level and depth we've never done before. there's a million people that are parts of unions in michigan. we're going to reach out to every one of them. we're doing a training today. we're going to do one-on-one conversations like we do in electoral activity to get every member to resign a card both for political action and for union membership, and make sure we register pe
Dec 11, 2012 9:00am PST
last week arks coringed to the associated press. republican governor rick snyder is expected to sign that bill into law. too would make michigan the 24th state to approve a right to work law, which exempts employees in a union workplace from joining or paying dues to that union. meanwhile, pro-union protesters are swarming the michigan capital building in lansing in scenes reminiscent of the battles over union rights in wisconsin and in ohio last year. david corn, we -- the president has sort of -- was in michigan yesterday, and bundled this into a bigger message about the middle class, working americans. is this a good time for republicans to be on the side -- well, against workers rights in the context of this broader conversation we're having? >> you know, we shall see here because they clearly have the votes and snyder says he is going to do this. you see the response. you saw the response in wisconsin. their walker survived the fight. i assume this will be as big, if not bigger, and the uaw, of course, the unions are even stronger in michigan than they are in wisconsin, so,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2